Two pieces that I produced as a visiting artist for 2016's Reed Arts Week. Open during daytime hours of the first week of March, 2016. 
Installed in Vollum Hall on Reed College's campus, and photographed in studio. 

The first piece is composed a set of new and unworn contact lenses prescribed to me, and two pieces of hand blown glass in red and blue. 

One of the silicone lenses perches upon a spike of glass while the other floats within its bath. 

I don't wear and have not worn contact lenses for I have a rather weak prescription. 

  1. Untitled (an offer of two instead of one), 2016
    Prescribed contact lenses, hand blown glass.
    .5"X 3" X 3"

  2. Penny, 2016.                      

             Unregistered Pitney-Bowes automated mailing system, letterpress on cardstock one of which has been run through the mailing system.

The second piece is a Pitney-Bowes DM225 on loan for a 60 day free trial period from Pitney-Bowes. Although the machines are quite easy to acquire as long as you have a business — or fake business — to register them under, you may never actually purchase their machines. 

This machine is intended for small businesses with low-medium shipping demands. It includes a scale on top and a little LED interface on the face. The intent of the this machine is so that one may assign pre-paid postage to an envelope or parcel, as well as process it at the same time. The business it is leased to is Tony Chrenka, but it isn't registered in the a system connected to a bank account. It can print once and only once during initial installation of a new ink cartridge. 

Claire Redman made a polymer plate of a drawing of mine and letterpressed it into salmon cardstock.